My Experiences With Tutoring

My Experiences With Tutoring

My Experiences With Tutoring

In my experience, tutoring is a rewarding experience to me because I got to help children go up in grade level. I was working through the No Child Left Behind program so I had to help students reach a certain goal. Although some didn't go as high as I would have liked, they all improved some. One girl that didn't know her math facts learned them after persistent drilling. I used flashcards to help her and repeated the facts over and over. By the time she was tested she passed her test with flying colors. She also had enough hours left to work on her reading skills and improved in that area also.

I also helped bilinqual children and enjoyed helping them obtain better English language skills. It also thrilled their parents to see them improving in their school work. It's important for children to have self-confidence and my helping them improved their self-esteem. If you enjoy seeing children have success and want a heart-felt reward then I would suggest tutoring. Even a few hours of time can help them improve in a given area and it's well worth it. Even though tutoring pays well it isn't the money that was important to me but the smile on a child's face when they were successful. It does take a lot of patience sometimes but if you can stay there and be persistent it will pay off well and it's really worth the effort you put forth.

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